Robert and Kathy Wolfe share a passion for horses. They now would like to share their passion with others. Both had horses growing up and several years ago were fortunate enough to have them back in their lives. This started out as a "part time" weekend thing but has morphed into a Full Time 7 day a week, year round Business that is a Dream Come True. Nothing makes us happier than to see people enjoy our horses and the smiles they bring to others faces while riding them. 

 People that use to ride but don't have the resources to own a horse at this time, people that have been on the "one horse in the other horses butt" trail rides that aren't usually a whole lot of fun and people that have had a "bad" experiences with a horse are the kind of people they want to take riding. Call 941-812-1980 or email to schedule your ride today.

Gift Certificates are available - Great for Christmas, Birthdays or any special occasion.
Email for more info.